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TN Death Row Dogs Mobile Website - You New Mobile Website

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A great way to keep up with the Urgent Dogs (and other news) is to add our Mobile Website to your mobile device. It is easy to do and requires no downloading and setup - just a few simply clicks and you will be able to check out TN Death Row Dogs at anytime!

To get started on your mobile device go to our website - and then select the menu dots...

(NOTE - Print Screens were made on an Android Galaxy so mobile devices may vary in actual screens and options)

Go To Website TN Death Row Dogs

Select Menu

Scroll down and select the menu option "Add To Home Screen"...

Select Menu Option - ADD TO HOME SCREEN


Confirm that you want to Add To Home Screen and that is all you need to do!

add to home screen tn death row dogs mobile

You New Mobile Website

And your new TN Death Row Dogs Mobile Website is now on your mobile device - Be sure to check it often and share it with your friends and family!

TN Death Row Dog Icon On Your Mobile Device

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