TN Death Row Dogs

Our mission at Tennessee Death Row Dogs is to promote the adoption of animals, network and rescue dogs that are scheduled for euthanasia and educate the public about the importance of spay/neuter in reducing the number of homeless animals.

Join us Saturday at Petco!

This Saturday, August 16th, we'll be holding an adoption event at the Petco store in Murfreesboro!  There will be a few adorable adoptables on-hand that would like to meet your acquaintance!  We will have merchandise on sale as well to support our rescue efforts.  Event location information can be found by clicking the photo below. We hope to see you there!

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We Welcome Talia & Her Puppies!

Mama2A couple of weeks ago, we received a plea from a local shelter to help with a litter of puppies.  They explained their owners wanted to surrender them, but the shelter was currently full.  The reality for the puppies was that their lives could very well be over before they had even started.  Attached to the emailed plea, was photos of the puppies, along with their mom who was living on a large chain in the backyard of their home.  When we were able to find a foster, I was happy for the puppies, but my mind kept going back to the image of their chained mother.  It didn't feel a true rescue if we had to leave her behind and I asked the shelter volunteers about her odds of being able to leave too.  They informed me that after speaking with her owners, they didn't wish to surrender her.  Mama1

When the puppies foster mom planned to go pick them up, in a last ditch effort I asked her to please ask about mama too.  I knew that through our rescue, she could find a loving home where she wouldn't have to live outside, forced to live out her days in solitude.  To my surprise, this time her owners decided to give her up and allow her to have the chance at a new life, with a family that would cherish her.

We are thrilled to welcome Talia and her babies to our rescue!  They've already been to their first vet visit for shots and fecal exams.  Once they reach 12 weeks of age, we can complete their spay & neuter surgeries, they will be micro-chipped and will be on their way to our Maine branch.

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We won the Shelter Challenge for the State of Tennessee!

Shelter ChallengeThe results of the Shelter Challenge were announced and we are very proud that our rescue won the state of Tennessee!  Thank you fans for voting, you guys earned $1,000 for our rescue!  Our mascot, Spud, also won second place in the Ultimate Cute Photo Contest, scoring 50 pet beds for our rescue dogs!

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A Challenge for Tennessee Shelters!

Last night, I attended the viewing of Redemption, a movie based on the book written by Nathan Winograd. It was inspiring to see that large cities like San Francisco were able to redemption posterachieve no-kill status. There are many shelters here that say their intake numbers are simply too high and becoming no-kill facilities wouldn't be possible. However, IT IS possible. In Washoe County, Nevada, their intake numbers are 10 times that of NYC. At a time in their history where they had the 2nd highest unemployment percentage in the nation, they converted to a no-kill facility. In nearly every state now, there is at least one no-kill shelter, but I saw not one shelter on the list that was in TN. If one shelter decides today to convert to a no-kill facility, they will be the first. If they have success, than not only will thousands of dogs and cats be spared, but other shelters will see it's possible. I ask every shelter in our state to consider making this transition and if you do, you will have the full support of your community and others in TN. You will have my support and I will use my MBA in Marketing to help you achieve this goal in anyway that I can. I long for a day when there are no more "death row dogs". ~Jamie

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Ava has gone HOME!

AvaSweet Ava, how she forever touched our hearts. She is a special dog, that was kind and loving, even after the life of hell she had endured. Before finding herself on a euthanasia list, Ava was seized by animal control. She was found living in a "fight kennel" full of garbage with a broken foot. Her scars and missing teeth are a forever reminder of her past, where her "owners" put her in fights where she refused to defend herself. Ava is amazingly dog friendly and loves kids. She is a phenomenal girl and to see her finally have her day means so much to all of us. Her mom, Jenni, is one of our volunteers and fell in love with Ava as soon as they met. She took her home to foster and Ava fit in perfectly. Ava has gone HOME We wish Jenni and Ava all the best in the world!

For those not familiar with Ava's story, there is a video made by the person who found her here: Ava also has an album which showed her journey in pictures:
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A Big Thanks to and Wahls Pet Products!

We recently won a grant which includes Wahl 4 in 1, shampoo and conditioner which arrived today. It's a lavender and chamomile calming formula that smells absolutely fantastic! Our dogs can now to go events looking and smelling their best! We also have some samples to give out at our next event for folks to try. We thank and Wahl Pet Products so much for their generosity!

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Join us this Saturday for Woofstock with Emmylou Harris!

woofstock"Fontanel Mansion is a 27,000 square foot log home formerly owned by Country Music Hall of Fame® member Barbara Mandrell, and is Nashville’s only country music mansion tour giving visitors a sneak peek into the lives of country music greats. The home, situated on the 186 acre property, is nestled in the rolling hills of the Whites Creek Valley. With The Inn at Fontanel, the Woods Amphitheater, Prichard’s Distillery, the Pepsi Studio Gallery, Cafe Fontanella, Goo Goo Outpost, AdventureWorks Ziplines, The Trails and Metro Parks Greenway, and Concert Cruise-In car shows Thursdays May 1-Sept 25, it is easy to see why Fontanel is becoming one of Nashville’s premier destinations. We offer a family and dog friendly atmosphere located just 15 minutes from downtown Nashville in Whites Creek". (

"Bring your family, and your fur babies as we raise money for Rescues! Emmylou Harris will be performing alongside Special Guest, Ricky Skaggs, and many more! There will be activities, merchandise, music, food, adoptions and personal photos with Emmy (with minimum donation). Join us on June 7th, 2014 from 10 a.m.-5 p.m. and make memories to last a lifetime".
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Meet Mitch, a Severely Neglected German Shepherd

Mitch7This is Mitch, a severely neglected German Shepherd was taken in by our rescue after receiving a plea for him a couple of days ago.  He was picked up as a stray in horrible condition, his body covered in large, painful sores.  Animal control did not have a veterinarian on staff, so Mitch had very little time to find a place to go or risk being euthanized due to his health.  We made the decision that Mitch needed our help and he needed it fast!

After arriving at our vet, we have learned a lot more about Mitch.  He is a 104 pound purebred German Shepherd who has been suffering with this condition for a long time.  Not only is his skin in horrible condition, but we've also learned that Mitch is heartworm positive.  Since heartworm treatment is priced by weight, Mitch's will cost us nearly double what a normal treatment costs, as will the antibiotics needed.  vet exam 1

We are excited for the day that Mitch is a gorgeous, healthy German Shepherd, but he has a long road ahead and his medical care will be expensive.  It is estimated that his medication between antibiotics (he needs 3 different kinds), heartworm treatment, pain medication and wound cleaning will cost us $2,000 alone.  This doesn't factor in the cost of his extended hospitalization.  All help is needed and greatly appreciated!  We can accept donations set up in a fund for Mitch, here.  Donations can also be made directly to Mitch's bill out his treating vet, Columbia Hospital for Animals, 1502 Nashville Hwy, Columbia, TN, 38401.

As always, we thank you for your support and invite you to follow Mitch's journey on our Facebook page!



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Available for Adoption: Betty Boop!

Betty BoopFirst of all, we have to thank Betty Boop's foster mom for these uber cute new pictures! Betty is one of the cutest babies we've ever seen! Betty is just about old enough to go to her forever home now, she is just missing one thing, a family! Betty is 11 weeks old and she is quite a little spitfire. She loves to play, snuggle and spoon with her foster siblings. Betty is a small girl and will be small-medium in size when she matures. It is very possible that Betty Boop might be this cute forever! She is doing wonderfully with her potty training is is going to make one lucky family a very cool dog!

Those looking to add Betty to their family can find our adoption application posted on our website. Inquiries can be sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and Betty can easily be transported to New England!
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Please Vote for Our Mascot, Spud!

Spud was selected as one of 10 finalists in the 2014 Ultimate Cute Photo Contest! There were hundreds of entries and we are very humbled, as well as excited that he has made it so far! If he wins, our rescue will win $1,000 to help support the dogs in our care, and save some new ones!

Voting starts today, 5/8, and runs through 5/18. Please vote every day!
Here is the link for voting!

Spud is a very special dog and I knew this from the moment I met him. When he arrived from his shelter, he became very ill and was hospitalized for nearly a month. I took him home to foster and when he recovered, I just couldn’t let him go. My husband wasn’t exactly on board at the time, so I continued to take him to events so it would look like I was working to find him a home He greeted people, gave kisses and collected donations in a vest he wore to raise funds for the rescue. Spud is one of the most loving and loyal dogs I have ever met, and he has forever changed my life.  Spud_Collage

Like some dogs coming from the shelter, I have no idea what may have happened in his previous life. He came from Clayton County, GA, at around 6-7 months old and although picked up as a stray, he belonged to someone at one point. How they let him go, I will never understand.

Spud is a role model for shelter dogs everywhere, because like many shelter dogs, he has struggles in his life. Although he was an outgoing puppy, when he reached adulthood, there were what started as subtle changes in his personality. After being bit in the face at an adoption event by one of our rescue dogs, he began to be somewhat uncomfortable at events that followed. This once confident, social butterfly of a puppy started to shake around loud noises, running children and strangely enough, he found puppies absolutely terrifying. Fear can sometimes lead dogs to make bad choices and I wanted to turn him around quickly.

After doing research and talking to a trainer, I decided the best thing we could do for Spud was to stop taking him to events where he was so longer comfortable. In the months that followed, he continued to go in public with a vest that asked people not to touch him, and he was enrolled in weekly, private lessons. I learned how to build his confidence and worked with him almost daily. Months later, his vest was removed and it was amazing to see him emerge again as the dog he once was. He loved being out in public, loved meeting new people, taking treats from children and being patted.

He started training shortly thereafter to be my service dog. I am a USMC veteran with a back injury and in the future at some point, there is a possibility that I will lose the use of one of my arms. I have nerve damage that can’t be repaired which I have known this for the last couple of years. Spud has learned to retrieve objects for me, he knows advanced commands and continues to learn enthusiastically. Spud_Nov12

I wanted to share this story not just because it’s his story and he is a finalist in this contest, but because I think it’s important for people to realize that sometimes dogs aren’t perfect. Shelter dogs have histories that will forever be a mystery to us. We don’t know where they came from and we don’t know what they have been through, but we can do is stand by them through their struggles. We can accept that they are perfectly imperfect and we can give them the tools to live a happier life. Watching him suffer and be so fearful was very difficult for me because I know this dog like no one else ever will. I know the level of his love and loyalty, I see it every single day. I know without question that this dog would lay down his life for me if he had to and in return I owe him this same level of devotion.

For all those who have adopted a dog that isn’t perfect, please don’t give up on them. They want to be everything you want them to be, they just may not know how. If you help them learn, they will be the best dog you ever hoped for.

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Come Rock with Us! Rock for Paws is May 17th!

StageRock for Paws is a benefit for abused & homeless dogs/cats that will be held on May 17, 2014, at the Rutledge (410 4th Ave S, Nashville, TN 37201).  All proceeds will be going to Tennessee Death Row Dogs and the Tennessee Chapter of the SPCA.  There will be five bands playing: Michael Ashley, Vahalla, JonesWorld, Killing Grace and Fever Hound.  Doors open at 7:00, show starts at 8:00. $10.00 admission fee, all ages welcome.  There will be many great prizes to raffle off and/or auction.

There will also be a donation box so you can bring the following items: blankets, towels, dog/cat food, dog/cat treats (not from China), leashes, collars, etc. Inside

If you would like to donate monetarily, please donate to: Y

You can view the main event page here.  We hope to see you there!

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Please Vote for Us in the Shelter Challenge!

We found out about this current Shelter Challenge after it had been running for a few days so now we have to play catch up!  If we can win our state, we will be awarded a $1,000 grant to help our rescue efforts!  We are currently in second place so we've made some great progress, but in order to win, we need our supporters voting everyday!  Please bookmark this link so you can vote daily and please ask your friends to do the same.  We thank you as always for your support and caring for Tennessee dogs!

Shelter Challenge
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Bernie Mac, a Super Sweet Senior, Searching for a Forever Home

Last week while going through emails of urgent listings, I started working on some dogs scheduled to be euthanized in Manchester. It's nearly impossible to get a sense of a dog's personality from a photo sadly and they all have a story. As I came to the photo for "County 10", I saw an older, grey faced black Lab laying behind the kennel fence. I immediately felt sad for him, knowing that the shelter environment must be even more stressful for a senior dog. I also knew from my experience in working with urgent dogs, that his chances of making it out of their alive were slim to none. He was a black dog for starters which are hard to place here and he is a senior, not a cute puppy like so many people want. County 10 was one of the lucky ones, because volunteers at AC had been able to make a short video of him. When I saw his video, I watched one of the sweetest dogs I'd ever seen who was overwhelmed with joy for the few minutes of human contact that he had waited nearly a month for. He wanted to go for a walk, he wanted a belly rub, he didn't know what to do first. He was so excited that he rolled over and over. My heart broke because much too soon, that spark for life and love would be gone. I knew that flame of hope he had for a family and freedom, would soon be snuffed out. I was overwhelmed with grief because I knew this special soul was going to die. Life can be very unfair and we see dogs pay the ultimate price for the irresponsibility of humans every single day. County 10 had a family once that he loved, yet he found himself alone in this shelter, abandoned and afraid. I wanted him to have the chance to live out his golden years with a family that cherished him. I wanted him to have a soft bed to lay on, I wanted him to have all the attention he yearned for so badly and I wanted him to feel secure. Above all else, I wanted him to die with dignity and grace one day with his family at his side. He deserved nothing less than that.  Bernie Mac

Last Friday, we made the dreams of one special senior come true. We didn't have a foster home open, but we had a kennel open at our facility, Barktopia. When we met him, we saw the same amazing spirit in person. County 10 became Bernie Mac, he received a collar, a bath and we took him for a nature walk on a gorgeous day. He loved every minute of attention we gave him and was so grateful. We made a makeshift room out of his kennel, so that he would feel like he had his own space, complete with walls, a Kuranda bed and soft comforter. Bernie immediately crawled up on his bed, laid down on his comforter and took a nap.

Today, Bernie went for his first vet checkup, received his shots and we were thrilled to learn that he is heartworm negative. Bernie needs to gain some weight and has some muscle loss in his hind end. Our vet estimated his age to be around 8 years old. He might have arthritis, but it definitely doesn't slow him down. He is one very spry, happy guy. He was excited to meet everyone today and behaved like a perfect gentleman. After our visit, we picked up a great glucosamine and chondroitin supplement, as well as some fish oil as our vet recommended. We expect to see Bernie Mac bounding around the play area in no time!

We want to find a perfect home for Bernie, whether it's a foster home or a forever home. He needs and wants a family so badly. He is a wonderful, kind dog that we feel would do best in a quiet home. He loves his walks and is a willing companion for anything, as long as he gets his share of belly rubs. Whoever brings Bernie into their home will gain a loyal, loving and devoted companion that will be forever grateful. He is a rare fellow and we have loved spending time with him, but we want him to start enjoying his life like only a dog in a loving home can. If you or someone you know is looking for a perfect senior, please share Bernie's story with them. He is a treasure and has many great years ahead of him. The best is yet to come for Bernie and we don't want to keep him waiting! If you are interested in fostering Bernie, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Those interested in adopting, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

All of you can watch Bernie's shelter video and smile, knowing that he is now safe.

We thank the Manchester volunteers for all their hard work and know how difficult it can be to see some dogs not make it out. This 2 minutes and 15 seconds saved this dog's life, so you ladies keep up the amazing work there. You are making a difference!
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This is Why We Can Never Give Up

Sometimes the sheer number of dogs facing euthanasia everyday is just staggering. It's easy to let it beat you down and I'll admit there are days that I don't even want to open my email. To see the sad, scared faces in need can be overwhelming and quite honestly, very depressing. To rescuers like us it feels like we are treading water, no matter how hard we work, we can never get ahead. For every dog we save, it feels like two more take it's place. That's why I think it's so important to share the updates, because everyone makes a difference; whether you rescue, foster, transport, donate or hit the share button. This is a very thankless job, but every action matters. These dogs may not be able to thank us, but know that they are eternally grateful.

[caption id="attachment_1072" align="alignright" width="264"]Virgil, in his rescue plea photo.  Buddy also came from this home.. Virgil, in his rescue plea photo. Buddy also came from this home.  This was the garage where they slept.

This is Buddy and he is a dog I will never forget. A few months ago, we received a plea to help with a hoarding case. This was a first for us and these dogs weren't on death row, but they urgently needed help. It took us a couple of hours to reach the home which was off of a dirt road in the country. When we finally reached their driveway, little Buddy was sitting at the end by the mailbox. He looked as if he was waiting for someone, it was so strange. We pulled in and drove down to the house, Buddy trotted behind our car, following us.

There were nearly 30 dogs at this home, running everywhere outside and there was no fencing. They never were allowed in the house and literally were fighting each other for food. At night, they were allowed in a freezing cold garage to sleep. There they huddled together on flattened dog food bags lining the floors that were also covered with feces and urine. This was their "home"  :(

[caption id="attachment_1073" align="alignleft" width="260"]Buddy, resting comfortably on the couch in his new home. Buddy, resting comfortably on the couch in his new home.

We took Buddy into our rescue, had his vetting needs taken care of and he was adopted later by a wonderful family. This photo was included in an update they sent today. Napping has become one of his favorite things and he has a very cozy spot.  His mom says that he loves to be brushed and play with his dog friends when they come over. This is why we do what we do. We know and accept that we can't save every single dog and sometimes it's easy to forget the good we've done. To see a dog like Buddy that has come from such a horrible situation, napping on a couch brought a huge smile to my face. He is proof that we are making a difference, one dog at a time.
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Meet Ace, our Newest Heartworm Positive Dog

We have been very lucky this year in regards to the amount of heartworm positive dogs we've taken in.  Last year, we took in 9 heartworm positive dogs in the month of January alone.  Heartworms are very common here in the south and a large number of shelters do not heartworm test prior to adoption or rescue.  When we take dogs from those shelters, we always run the risk of taking in a heartworm positive dog without knowing it, which was the case with Ace.

Sadly stories like Ace's are all too common here.  His previous "owners" wanted Ace for more of a lawn ornament than a family pet.  He spent his days living alone in a type of solitary confinement, attached to his chain while he watched people living their lives around him.  As if being lonely and covered in parasites wasn't enough, Ace also had no shelter.  When it rained, he was soaked and had no way to stay dry.  For those who think dogs like being outside in this type of weather, think again.  Most of our rescue dogs don't even want to go outside when it's sprinkling outside.  Ace spent the cold winter months curled up in a ball while he tried to keep warm, trembling in the cold dirt where he was forced to sleep.  One day a couple of months ago, his luck changed when his "owners" were cited for neglect by animal control.  Ace was ultimately seized and taken to his local animal shelter.

[caption id="attachment_1059" align="alignleft" width="182"]Ace, formerly known as Roscoe in his shelter photo. Ace, formerly known as Roscoe in his shelter photo.

Although shelters are a loud, scary and strange places to dogs, at least Ace had a roof over his head for the first time with meals he could depend on.  Each day he watched people come and go, picking out new dogs but sadly his day never came.  We received a plea from Ace's shelter and posted him to our Facebook page to network, as we do for all the urgent dogs that are sent to us.  A week or so went by and he was still at the shelter, so he was re-shared on our page and once again, no one came to his rescue.  At the very last minute, we stepped up for Ace and without a doubt, saved his life.  I am confident I can speak for all of us at TDRD when I say that we are very glad we did!

On our way back from picking him up, a delighted Ace rolled around on his back in the backseat of my car.  Let me tell you that he knew something big was happening and he felt like a pretty big deal:)  We have had the pleasure of watching his personality slowly come out over the last few days and it's impossible not to absolutely love him.  Ace loves to sit down in the sun on his nature walks, smell the breeze and listen to the birds on our property.  He is a calm dog and he loves prancing around with his new bone and showing it off to everyone who visits.  Ace is an incredibly grateful dog who never has a bad day, loves to sit looking out the window during car rides and is a total pleasure to be around.

I've heard more times than I can count that people are sure their dog doesn't have heartworms because "he/she doesn't look sick".  The reality is that no heartworm positive dog appears sick from heartworms until they have a very advanced case and this takes years.  What people usually notice is breathing issues from the worms spreading to their dog's lungs.  Ace looks and acts like a perfectly healthy dog so when we took him in for an exam, vaccinations, fecal exam and heartworm test yesterday, we were very saddened to learn he is heartworm positive.  Ace will have to wait at least two months now before he will be ready to meet his new family and this treatment is of course very expensive.  It is however necessary so that Ace can go to his home a healthy, heartworm free dog.

[caption id="attachment_1064" align="alignleft" width="234"]Ace checking out the sights on one of his nature walks :) Ace checking out the sights on one of his nature walks

[caption id="attachment_1060" align="alignright" width="233"]Ace being examined by Dr. Vaughn at Columbia Hospital for Animals. Ace being examined by Dr. Vaughn at Columbia Hospital for Animals.

For those who do not currently have your dogs on heartworm prevention, please get them started on it immediately.  This costs around $10/month and will ensure that your dog never gets heartworms.  As I tell all of our adopters, it is not a matter of IF your dog will get heartworms if not on regular prevention, it's a matter of WHEN.  There are a few different preventatives on the market and speaking with a vet will help you determine which one is right for you.

As for Ace, he has been started on a month of antibiotics and cage rest to help his body to prepare for treatment.  This medication will help kill the juvenile heartworms and weaken the adults so that he will be much less likely to have an adverse reaction during and after his treatment.  Once his treatment is completed in a month, he will remain on cage rest for another month while his body heals.  After that time, Ace will be able to go to his new home and we hope to have a family approved to adopt him when that day comes.

We are currently working to raise funds for Ace's treatment and any contributions are very much appreciated.  We cannot continue to help dogs like Ace without the support of our fans!  Here is the link to his FundRaZr for those who would like to donate:  All donations to our rescue are tax-deductible!
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80 Entries and Counting!

Our Pet Pin-Up Photo Contest is really taking off and we are thrilled to see 80 entries in the first five days!  There are five weeks remaining and we have some great prizes to give-a-way to our winners!  We can't wait to award our grand-prize winner the coveted title of "TDRD Dog of the Year", an exclusive shirt design that will be sold in our Shirt Shop, a cover shot on our 2015 TDRD Calendar and let's not leave out the 55" Sanyo HD LED TV!

[caption id="attachment_1052" align="alignright" width="150"]One of the prizes being awarded to our grand-prize winner, a 55 One of the prizes being awarded to our grand-prize winner, a 55" Sanyo HD LED TV!

There is plenty of time to enter and take the lead!  Photo submissions are free, votes are $1 each and are tax-deductible!  Donors will receive a donation receipt via email and those spending $50 or more on votes will receive a free 2014 TDRD Rescue Dog Calendar. Make sure to add your furbabies for a chance to win one of our great prizes!  Submit your photo and help us meet our goal.  All funds raised via this fundraiser will be helping us save more dogs!
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Tales in Flight Documents the Journey of Pilots N Paws

Our friends at Fluffy Dog Films have finished their new documentary Tales in Flight! It's the story of rescues like ours and the pilots of Pilots N Paws who fly dogs from kill shelters to safety! The best part is, they are giving 50% of the profits to our rescue! To watch the film, go to and enter the CODE "rowdog". The code will take 20% off of your purchase and ensures that the donation gets to us. Check out the trailer here:

[caption id="attachment_1046" align="aligncenter" width="432"]PHOTO CREDIT: Robin Conn/The Huntsville Times PHOTO CREDIT: Robin Conn/The Huntsville Times

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Enter Your Dog in Our Pet Pin-Up Photo Contest!

March 15th marks the first day of our 1st Annual Pet Pin-Up Contest! We hope to make this a very successful and fun fundraiser that we can hold every year. Photo submissions into the contest are absolutely free and entrants can invite their friends to vote. Votes are $1 each and donors will receive an email for their donation to use for tax time. We are throwing in a 2014 Rescue Dog Calendar for anyone who purchases over 50 votes. Just make sure to PM the page and let us know!


We have lots of fantastic prizes to give-a-way!

Top 12 Vote-Getters
The top 12 winning entrants will have their pet's photo displayed on an 8.5”x 11” calendar and on the contest link on our website.

Grand Prize
55” Sanyo DP55D33 55" 1080p 120Hz D-LED HDTV
TDRD Pet of the Year
Photo will be featured on the cover of our 2015 calendar.
10 2015 TDRD Calendars
1 Exclusive shirt design available for purchase in our Shirt Shop

Second Place
Five 2015 TDRD Calendars
Dog Comfort Kit including:
Halo Orthopedic Dog Bed, size XL
Field Trial Upland Travels Bedding Set
All For Paws Travel Dogs Deluxe Back Seat Hammock

Third Place
Five 2015 TDRD Calendars
Dog Box O’Goodies including:
B.F.F.F. (Best Furry Friends Forever) box by Madison Art Trading NY
Dog fleece throw by Marlo Lorenz
Dogs Unleashed Microfiber Pocket Towel
Strong and Durable degradable refill bags
Bone-a-Mints Dental Bones
Caesar Millan Dog Whisperer collapsible dog bowl
Luther’s Dog Treats
Wags and Wiggles Dog Wipes
JW dog brush
Quadro dog chew
Burt’s Bee’s grooming assortment including; paw and nose lotion, calming spray, ear cleaner, deodorizing spray and shampoo.

Prize photos can be viewed on the contest page.  Best of luck to our entrants!
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Would You Pay an Adoption Application Fee?

We are starting to receive adoption applications in increasingly large numbers which is wonderful!  However, despite our guidelines clearly listed at the top of the application, some people are not always 100% honest or just outright lie in hopes we won't figure it out.  Let me just say that we will absolutely figure it out after extensive research, as we do on all of our applications.  Each application received takes a good deal of time to go over because we want the best homes for our dogs.  When people are dishonest, we go through this entire process, only to deny the application for a reason that was already listed on the top of the application.  As a result, we have considered making a small application fee of $10 mandatory so that we can reduce the number of applications received to those that meet our requirements.  As a group of small volunteers, this would help us greatly to be able to go through the applications we do receive much faster and more efficiently.  The application fee would be subtracted from the adoption donation amount for the dog of their choice.  Readers, please weigh in and share your thoughts with us!


[polldaddy poll=7854362]
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We Need Prizes for our Photo Contest!

prizesVery soon, we are planning to hold a Photo Contest in which everyone can enter their dog! All photos are posted online and people can vote for the photos they like best. We want to offer some great prizes to our top 3 winners as an extra incentive to enter. The better the prizes, the more entrants we hope to have! Not only will this be a very fun way for people to show their dogs off, but this contest will also help us raise some much needed funds for our rescue. All donated prizes are tax-deductible and very much appreciated! If you'd like to donate an item as a contest prize, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.!
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