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Our mission at Tennessee Death Row Dogs is to promote the adoption of animals, network and rescue dogs that are scheduled for euthanasia and educate the public about the importance of spay/neuter in reducing the number of homeless animals.

Bingo Was His Name..O!

Late one evening back in January, we were emailed an urgent puppy known only as B-9 from Tipton County.  The shelter staff had came to work one morning to find this young, Red Heeler puppy inside of the fence that surrounds the shelter.  His owners apparently could not wait until the shelter opened, so they surrendered him by tossing him over the fence.  The fall caused an injury that they believed to be a break in his left front leg. Unfortunately, the shelter did not have a vet on staff nor the funds to repair his legs.  There was no way to know exactly where the break was and whether it was a clean break or not.

B-9 in the Tipton County Animal Shelter

I have never had a dog with a broken limb before and I had no idea how much it would cost to fix his leg.  All of the normal vets we use were closed at the time but I found a couple of emergency vets here to call in hopes of getting some kind of price estimate.  It was really impossible to predict a cost however, because there were so many unknown factors that would affect the overall total.  I was told by both vets that we were looking at anywhere from $200 to $2,000.  They said it could be a a simple clean break or a more complex fracture.  The treatment for which could be as simple as a splint, surgery to help repair the break, or worst case, an amputation of the leg.

I knew we had to help, but we had never taken something this big on before and it was a little frightening when I thought of the potential expenses.  I had hope that we could raise a decent amount of funds but this little puppy was very urgent.  We didn't have much time and it takes a lot of work to raise that much money.  I decided to set up a FundRazr with a goal of $700 and I posted it to our Facebook wall.  It was very late by the time I was finished and I had to get up early, so I decided to call it a night.

Bingo (B-9) when we picked him up from the transporter

When I woke up the next morning, I eagerly rolled over to pick up my phone and check the FundRazr.  I was ecstatic to find that it already had just over $400 in it and I knew this was a great start.  On my way to work, I called the shelter and asked them if they would be able to take him to a local vet for some x-rays.  The shelter staff was wonderful and they really wanted to help this little guy.  They agreed to take him for us and gave me the name of two clinics that were in their general area.  I called both clinics and chose Gentle Care in Memphis.  They were so friendly and helpful on the phone and were willing to give us a break (no pun intended:) on services for him.  I called the shelter back to let them know I had made arrangements and they agreed to drive the thirty minutes that afternoon to take him there.

Waiting for his results was a real nail-biter but after what seemed like an eternity (it was about 1 hour, but seemed like 5) they called to give me the results.  After taking some x-rays of his leg and foot, they confirmed that he simply had a broken foot!  All he needed was a splint which would need to be changed out in two weeks.  This was the best news we could have possibly hoped for and I gave them the go ahead to set and splint his leg.  While he was there he also received his vaccinations, fecal and de-worming.

Bingo with his new family at Nashville Pet Products in Spring Hill

While B-9 was getting fixed up, we put out a plea for a foster in the local area to give him a place to stay while his leg healed.  A few people contacted us and we chose an amazing woman named Lydia who lived in Nashville.  We also put out a plea for help with his transport to the Nashville area and we were lucky to find one right away.  She was the person who gave our Bingo his name, because saying B-9 sounded a whole lot like you're playing a game of bingo.

Bingo was lucky to find a wonderful family and new home.  This little guy was able to get a second chance because so many people stepped up to help.  I wanted to update this story for all of those people who had a hand in his happy ending.  Events on the page go quickly so this is my way of making sure that everyone knows how Bingo's story ended.  Thank you to all of our Facebook followers for your support and thank you Lydia, you were the best foster we could have ever asked for!



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