TN Death Row Dogs

Our mission at Tennessee Death Row Dogs is to promote the adoption of animals, network and rescue dogs that are scheduled for euthanasia and educate the public about the importance of spay/neuter in reducing the number of homeless animals.

Checking in on Browning

Last month, we received a plea for help for Browning, a very young puppy with a severe case of mange.  Clearly in his condition, he didn't have people lining up to adopt him and needed immediate medical care.  A kind soul offered to foster him and we took him into our rescue.  Since then, his foster mom has made sure he made it to all of his vet appointments and followed his treatment instructions closely.

Today, Browning made it to his first adoption event and he looks like a totally different puppy!  He was spunky, playful and met a lot of admirers.  We wanted to share a before and after photo of his amazing progress!  Browning will soon be ready for his forever home and those looking to adopt him can fill out an adoption application via this link.

[caption id="attachment_1193" align="aligncenter" width="660"]Browning in the shelter on October 9th (left), and November 22nd at his first adoption event (right). Browning in the shelter on October 9th (left), and November 22nd at his first adoption event (right).
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Faces of Neglect, Dottie and George

A few nights ago while looking through one of the many euthanasia lists we are sent everyday, I came across these pictures of Dottie taken by the shelter.  I felt so terrible for her and what she must be going through in her current condition.  Naturally, I wanted immediately to help her but I wasn't sure exactly how much medical care she would need.  I decided either way, we needed to help Dottie.  Her life clearly hasn't been a pleasant or easy one because no one that loves their dog allows them to end up in this kind of condition.

[caption id="attachment_633" align="alignright" width="300"] Dottie at the shelter. Photos by Partners with Clayton County Animal Control.

I inquired for more information and found that she was seized in a drug raid on her home with another dog, George.  I scrolled through the list to locate George and found his sad, hopeless face.  His body was missing a lot of hair and he had what looked to be an itchy, painful looking skin condition.

There are always decisions to be weighed for any rescue when they take a new dog.  What kind of treatment are they going to need, do we have the space for them and how long will they need to be in our care.  These factors help me determine if we can afford to take them.  Being that we run on donations (for the most part anyway), each and every dog we take is an important decision.

One thing that I did know though was that it wasn't right to leave George behind.  I refused to make him have to watch the only familiar face in his life be led away.  These two dog's worlds have just been turned upside down and they need each other right now.  It also seemed very certain that if we didn't take George, we would be leaving him to die, alone.

[caption id="attachment_634" align="alignleft" width="300"] George's shelter photos. Courtesy of Partners with Clayton County Animal Control

Today with the help of Partners with Clayton County Animal Control, Dottie and George were pulled from the shelter where they almost lost their lives and transported to Community Animal Hospital in Cleveland, TN.  I have already called and scheduled Dottie's surgeries to correct her eyes, which will take place next week.  We'll have more information regarding their skin conditions later in the day tomorrow as they arrived just before the clinic closed today.

If anyone would like to donate towards their care, it would be a tremendous help to us.  The vet has agreed to accept debit card donations over the phone to put towards their bill and their clinic number is (423)472-3252.  We are also accepting donations via a FundRazr fund set up for them at the following link:

Please keep Dottie and George in your thoughts and prayers.  They have a long road to recovery, but they will heal and we will help find them amazing homes.
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