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Our mission at Tennessee Death Row Dogs is to promote the adoption of animals, network and rescue dogs that are scheduled for euthanasia and educate the public about the importance of spay/neuter in reducing the number of homeless animals.


I've watched our puppy numbers grow in the last few days and I wanted to share them separately here on our blog.  People don't generally think puppies are urgent, but sadly there are many everyday in shelters across America.  Just like the other dogs, puppies are euthanized for space.    It's the hard reality of the society in which we live.  As long as there are puppy mills, pet stores that sell puppies, breeders and many people who do not spay or neuter their pets, we will continue to have this problem.

Shelters do their best, but many are limited by space and funding.  Many have so many new dogs coming in per day, they don't have the time to constantly update their Petfinder page and many are not allowed to have a Facebook page.

 These three cuties to the left are Blue Heeler/Bluetick Hound mixes.  Two are males, one female and they are simply gorgeous.  I've never  seen such brilliantly colored blue eyes.  Blue Heelers are some of the smartest dogs around.  They are quick learners and some can learn and retain and work dozens of commands - both voice and hand. PLEASE consider one of these babies for your family!  For more information on these sweet babies, contact the Montgomery County Animal Shelter at 931-648-5750

This sweetheart on the left is a female Chihuahua who is absolutely precious!  Her adoption fee is only $50 and includes one exam, one worm check, one deworming (if necessary), one set of vaccines that include Rabies, and the spay or neuter.  This is a very cheap fee for all these services.  Small dogs are very popular so here is your chance to have a super cute Chihuahua puppy!  For more information, please contact Cleveland Animal Control 423-479-2122. Address: 360 Hill St. SE Cleveland, TN 37311.  Hours of operation M-F 11-5 Sat. 10-12 .  Her ID # is 554.

We know all puppies are just adorable, it doesn't matter what kind of puppy it is.  They are all ridiculously cute.  I'm pretty sure Reggie here could still win a cuteness award.  Look at his debonair pose this picture.  He is almost too cute to even look at! Reggie is a four month old, Pitbull/Hound mix that has a very beautiful and unique red brindle coat.  He has a perfect white blaze between his eyes, and white on his chest and the tips of his paws.  Reggie likes to play with toys and he is at that goofy puppy stage where he trips over his own feet sometimes when chasing after a ball! Reggie is very very sweet. He loves to cuddle and he melts into you when you pick him up. Reggie would make a great family pet. He's been outside running and playing tug with children under the age of 7 - and he was fun and gentle. Reggie needs a home now. He does not have much time left so please call now!  Reggie is at Montgomery County Shelter, and he is waiting for you!  Please call 931-648-5750 for more information on this precious boy.

Sparky is a Bull Terrier mix and is super cute with his bat ears!  I'm also told that he craves human attention and simply loves and affection he can get at the shelter.  Sparky was scheduled for euthanasia last week but since some of the adult dogs were adopted, they had the kennel space to keep him for another week.  He has now been extended to 9/15 but he may not be so lucky this week.  There is a video of him located on the Lewisburg Animal Shelter Facebook page and it shows just how cute he is!  You can view it here: . Please call the Lewisburg Animal Shelter for more information on Sparky at 931-359-5954.
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