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Oh Metro.. You're Kidding Me, Right?

I don't live in Davidson County and so I wasn't familiar with rules and regulations there regarding the three dog parks in Nashville.  Recently, someone mentioned a ban on Pitbulls and any dog slightly resembling a Pitbull in the Nashville dog parks.  I thought that surely they were mistaken and that a rule that ignorant and prejudice couldn't possibly be true.  I'm going to copy this portion for all to see because not only is this rule silly, but technically it's not even politically correct.

Under Section II, Rules and Regulations for Metro Dog Parks

I.  The following are not permitted into Metro Dog Parks:

1.  Pit bulls or dogs having any characteristics of the pit bull breed

Well maybe I'm really misinformed, but since when was there a Pit Bull breed?  Secondly, if it was in fact a recognized breed as they're indicating, would it not be proper to capitalize the name of a breed?  I'm pretty sure it would be.

Back to my original point, Pitbulls are not a breed but a label.  A label given to a handful of different breeds that all the breed experts out there (insert sarcasm) have lumped together apparently because they think they're the same.  However they are not the same, they are all distinctly different breeds. 

Generally these breeds are considered "Pitbulls":

  1. American Bulldog

  2. American Pit Bull Terrier

  3. American Staffordshire Terrier

  4. Staffordshire Bull Terrier

  5. Bull Terrier

  6. Mini Bull Terrier

Many also consider Boxers, Bull Mastiffs, Boston Terriers and French Bulldogs to fall under this label as well.  My thought is, where does the prejudice end?  I can't recall the number of times one of my "Pitbull" mixes was bitten, humped, dominated and chased down my by unattended children at my local dog park.  None of the dogs he had issues with were "Pitbulls".  Not once did he ever respond aggressively, even when other dogs were acting completely out of control.  I remember one especially aggressive Golden Retriever who had absolutely no business being at the park to begin with.

Why must places continue to lump multiple breeds together and think that by doing so, all their problems are going to be solved?  Breed Specific Legislation banning these dogs has been proven not to reduce the amount of dog bites.  A dangerous dog is a dangerous dog, it doesn't matter what breed it is.

It's time to start looking at each dog as an individual and start educating the public about responsible pet ownership.  THE DOGS ARE NOT THE PROBLEM, IT'S THE PEOPLE THAT OWN THEM.  Until we address the cause, things will never change.
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