TN Death Row Dogs

Our mission at Tennessee Death Row Dogs is to promote the adoption of animals, network and rescue dogs that are scheduled for euthanasia and educate the public about the importance of spay/neuter in reducing the number of homeless animals.

Getting Started

Hello Fellow Dog Lovers,

A few days ago while looking through pictures of dogs that would soon be euthanized, something amazing happened.  This day was like many before it, I checked the lists and I saw the sweet, scared, confused faces peering out at the world, their eyes begging for help.   I got angry,  I got sad and I felt the despair of not being able to help them.   Tears swelled in my eyes as I  looked at these poor souls that were just about out of time on this earth.  But on this day, something inside of me changed and I felt empowered.  I felt an undescribable drive to do something about it.  That's what these dogs really need, they don't need our sympathy or pity, they need us to stand up and fight for them.  That's exactly what I intend to do with this site.

All too often, people want to point the finger and blame the shelters for killing perfectly good, healthy animals.  I've been guilty of it myself on occasion, perhaps in times of our deepest sorrow and despair we need someone to blame for it.  However the real problem lies with us, we are the ones that aren't spaying and neutering our pets.  We are the ones that want to buy pretty puppies from pet stores and breeders.  Every time we buy a dog, ultimately it is one less home for a shelter dog and results in the death of one dog that could have been spared.  So what I don't want as a result of this page, is angry calls to shelters.  They are doing their job, which is far from easy and anyone that thinks they enjoy killing animals is terribly misinformed.

We need to stop being part of the problem and start being part of the solution.  I hope that one day spay and neutering will be mandatory and only those licensed in this state will be able to breed dogs.  However that day may never come.  Until then, we need to stop pointing the finger and start networking these dogs like crazy.  We can do our part to help healthy dogs find loving families.

This is a call to action, we have the power to save the lives of countless dogs in Tennessee so let's get started.  Shelters I urge you to please send me your most urgent dogs.  Try to get a great photo and biography with as much information about each one as you can.  The more people viewing the dogs can connect with them, the higher the chances are that they will want to save them.

I in turn will post them and start networking and sharing them with as many people as I can.  Please join me in helping the dogs of Tennessee because they desperately need our help.

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