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From death row to forever homes, updates on our rescue dogs from their adopted families ♥

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Boone - TN Death Row Dogs

Boone is definitely living the good life with his new family! This is a picture from his recent beach trip ♥ His mom writes:

"I thought you would enjoy this picture of Boone at the beach. He loves the beach but not the ocean (he's not a huge fan of any water). It's too hot for him during the day but he loves it at night. He did great on the car ride here too"!

"Boone is a great dog and we are so glad he's a part of our family. Thanks for rescuing him"!

We thank his mom for sending us this wonderful pupdate!


Gemma - TN Death Row Dogs Success Story

This beautiful girl was saved in her final days by our rescue from the shelter in Manchester. Her mom sent us this update on how she is doing in her new life! ;)

"Just wanted to say Hi and let you know how happy we are your organization saved Gemma aka Molly. She was 10 months old when we adopted her according to all the vets' best guesses. She was very much a healthy happy pup full of energy. She has not met a person or dog toy she does not love. We have attended beginner and intermediate training. She knows plenty of commands like sit, down, come, leave it, drop....but her favorite still involves playing fetch. We try to take her with us to activities since she loves meeting people. The attached picture was taken at Earth Day at Centennial Park at the Nashville Paw Booth. She is over a year old now and loves to cuddle on the couch with us in the evenings. Not quite lap sized....she rolls up in a ball and lays on as much of our lap as she can. Just wanted to say Thanks for all you and your organization does"!

Thank you both so much for giving Gemma such a wonderful life!

Floyd and Ella

floyd ella tn death row dogs

This is Floyd and Ella, formerly known as Hugh and Adeline when they were adopted from our rescue. They were from two different litters which we adopted out a couple of months ago and have already grown so much! We received an update from their family today and both these babies are already 50 lbs! At only six months old, they've still got a lot of growing to do! ;) These TDRD alumni babies look great and we thank their parents for sending in this update!


Pepper - TN Death Row Dogs Success Story

It's hard to put into words what this photo means to us, but to see Pepper with her family is so special. Pepper was saved from euthanasia by our rescue in 2012 in what remains our closest save ever. She was in a GA shelter and had already been fully sedated to prepare her for death by heartstick. We were able to get through to shelter volunteers, who begged and pleaded for them to spare her life. Instead of dying that day, they let Pepper wake up and we took her into our care. We sent her to The Calm K9, where she learned to become a well-mannered dog and was later adopted by her foster parents. Ben and Mollie recently had their engagement photos done and as a member of their family, of course Pepper was there too! Seeing how happy and loved Pepper is makes all the heartache and hardwork worth every minute of it. Congratulations Ben and Mollie, and thank you for giving Pepper the best home that any dog could ever ask for!


Marmaduke - A TN Death Row Dogs Success Story

This handsome guy is Marmaduke and he was adopted from our rescue last year. His parents checked in today to tell us how wonderful he is doing ;) Marmaduke is a service dog for his mom, Tracy, assisting her with mobility, stability and balance assistance. He is quiet, calm and attentive while "at work" and a happy, playful, snuggly fellow when he is off-duty. We're so proud of Marmaduke and thrilled with the help he provides his mom. Adopted dogs can do amazing things, Marmaduke says so!

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