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We saved Piper and her litter of puppies from euthanasia at a high-kill shelter. They lived there huddled together in a tote container, when I saw their shelter photo, my heart just sank :(  We took them in and Piper raised her little ones, who were all later adopted by awesome families. Piper's big day came too and she has been pampered ever since ;)  Her mom writes:  

"Just wanted to check in with you and give you an update on sweet Piper. We just celebrated her one year adoption day this past weekend. It was full of pink tutus, party hats, and ice cream. We can't thank you enough for providing such a caring environment for Piper until we found her. We have absolutely fallen in love with her... she brings such joy to us everyday. We affectionately call her "mom dog" or just "mom" for short. She is such an old soul and the perfect fit for our family. She's doing really well... taking lots of naps and eating lots of treats. We pretty much think she has it made"!  

Piper Tennessee Death Row Dogs

"We think the world of your organization and what you are doing for all these dogs that would have no hope without you all. After all, you saved our Piper from the same situation. We really can't thank you and your team enough... we can't imagine our lives without this sweet girl"!

She shared some super cute photos of Piper on her birthday, this was one of them. Happy Birthday Piper!

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