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Brandy & Emmett

Brandy Emmett Tennessee Death Row Dogs

Brandy and Emmett's mom writes:  "Back in early June we visited Nashville for CMA Fest. During the week we decided to take a day away from the city and see what else Tennessee had to offer. We accidently stumbled upon TNDD's adoption event in Franklin. I said to Dave let's just look with no intentions of truly taking any pups home because we didnt' know if we could give them the time they deserved. We took out cute little Emmett from his crate and then Brandy (who goes by the alias Ms. Peyton Manning now). I looked at her beautiful face and his playful spirit and said to Dave, "which one?" He replied, "How do we choose?" and with that I said ok let's take both! The month seemed like forever, but we got them home and they simply adore each other. I cannot imagine my life before we took these affectionate, lovable pups into our home"!

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