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 Xena Tennessee Death Row Dogs

One of our favorite TDRD dogs ever, Xena, was adopted this past weekend and there were definitely some misty eyes around here! Xena had a terrible life before joining us and she is the happiest, sweetest dog. She holds no grudges, is so appreciative and full of love. For each of our dogs, I always envision the perfect fitting home for their personality. Xena is always excited to do something new and I hoped for a family that would take her on lots of new adventures. We received an update today with a photo of Xena, already out cruising with her family in their boat. It means more to me than there are words to describe. Xena went from being seized for cruelty and neglect to living a life that dogs dream about! From the bottom of our hearts, we thank her amazing parents for giving her the life I've always wanted for her!

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