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From death row to forever homes, updates on our rescue dogs from their adopted families ♥

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Enzo's recent update was the highlight of my day! Enzo was adopted from our rescue last year after we took him from Maury County Animal Services. He was known to us then as Skittles, an adorable fluffy puppy with the biggest paws I'd ever seen! Out of many applications, we decided on his new dad as the best home for Enzo and I have to say, we made the right choice! What a cute pair they make! Enzo has grown up to be a handsome guy and he looks so happy. His dad says that Enzo makes every one of his days brighter :)  These amazing pictures were taken by Brittney Jeffers of White Dog Photography if anyone would like some fantastic photos of their own taken. Way to go Enzo!

Tennessee Death Row Dogs Enzo



Henry is one of our rescue puppies whom we knew as Tatum. He was adopted by a wonderful family and it seems he has been doing lots of exciting new things!  They were kind enough to send us an update on how he is doing.  It looks like this once little guy is growing up fast!

His mom writes, "He is the sweetest, most lovable dog ever. He has no food aggression, or any aggression of any kind. He loves to follow his parents around everywhere.  He's VERY loyal :)  He loves napping, chewing on any and everything outside, he's great with children, and quickly learned how to sit and is learning how to high five. He did a great job on his first kayaking/camping trip!  He loves his cousin (the pit mix pictured below), but he's not so sure about other dogs yet. We think he might have a bit of the "alpha male" complex :)  He has brought SO much joy to mine and my husbands life. I don't remember what life was like without him. Thank you to your organization and everything you all do."

We thank them so much for adopting one of our rescue dogs and giving him the kind of life dogs dream of!


Tatum Tennessee Death Row Dogs




We received an update on TDRD alumni Zoe, formerly known to us as Emma. She is one of Sheba's puppies, whom we rescued from euthanasia in Memphis. I think it's definitely safe to say that Zoe is quite comfortable in her new home!  With the negative things we see everyday, it's nice to see a puppy with such an amazing life ahead of her!  Way to go Zoe!

Zoe Tennessee Death Row Dogs



Delilah was saved from euthanasia as a puppy by our rescue and we later found that she was exposed to the Parvo virus while in the shelter. She broke with it as soon as she joined us and was hospitalized to give her a better chance of survival. Delilah fought for her life and ended up giving Parvo the paw! ;)  I guess you could say that we have saved her life twice and it was so worth it! She is an absolute sweetheart and now is living life to the fullest with her new family. They sent us this updated photo of her relaxing at home. She looks so happy, secure and content there! We thank them for giving her the kind of life dogs dream of!

Delilah Tennessee Death Row Dogs



Whenever we send one of our puppies off into the world with their new family, it's so exciting for all of us here. While we never like taking them away from their siblings, it's inevitable and necessary to move to the next stage of their lives. We always hope their adjustment will be easy as possible for them and they won't be too stressed. Pixie's mom sent us an update on how things were going with a couple of adorable photos! She was adopted earlier this year and although Pixie has only been in her home for a short time, it looks like she is settling in wonderfully! We couldn't be happier for her and thank her family for adopting this sweet baby! It looks like Pixie has made herself right at home and we see lots of love and fun in her future, maybe even a little dress-up too!

Pixie Tennessee Death Row Dogs

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